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24/7 Support Services at OraGyan

24/7 Support Services at OraGyan is an around the clock customer support service is what every customer needs to stay competitive in today’s education market place. 24/7 Support Service at OraGyan has been successfully providing professional customer support services for many years and we have been sucessfull so far, thanks to all our existing customers and students. Our experienced support agents are managed by quality professionals with high quality standards. Our client base consists of a wide range of international companies that are specializing in various industries. It is our mission to provide high quality customer support services around the clock at low cost.

Some are the options we have come up to support our customers and students:

1. 24/7 Live Chat Agent through Skype and hangout
2. 24/7 Email Service
3. 24/7 Support for all Oracle DBA Courses
4. 24/7 Support for Oracle Weblogic Administrators
5. 24/7 Support for High Availability Solutions (RAC, Golden Gate, and Data Guard)



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