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Oracle Middleware Training & Certification Courses

Course 1: Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Administration Overview

This course will review some of the principal components and products under the Fusion Middleware umbrella. This course will teach you about the tools, tasks and techniques employed to administer these components and products. Audience: This course is best suited for System Administrators and Technical Administrators.
  • Illustrate Fusion Middleware architecture
  • Create a WebLogic domain for Fusion Middleware
  • Deploy applications, including SOA Composite applications
  • Comprehend Node Manager Architecture
  • Comprehend Node Manager Configuration
  • Comprehend Basic Node Manager Properties
  • Examine Fusion Middleware components with the use of Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
  • Configure Internet Directory
  • Comprehend Enterprise Deployment Guides
  • Manage OHS from Fusion Middleware Control
  • Configure OHS to Front the Administration Server
  • Configure HTTP Server
  • Employ the most common Fusion Middleware administration utilities
  • It would be good to have a FWM product experience, however not necessarily required.
  • Having exposure on Linux would be an added advantage
  • Fees for this course is - $350.

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Course 2: Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials

WebLogic is a very popular application server in the IT industry. It is the goto server for Cloud Computing technologies. It provides solutions for the several requirements of Oracle Fusion Suite of Technologies. This course prepares administrators for installing, configuring, and managing WebLogic server tasks. These include cluster creation and management, security activities, and domain creation. Participants learn how to use Administration Console, scripting tools, and command-line for deploying Java EE applications. You additionally become proficient in configuring Oracle HTTP servers, and Oracle WebLogic Server cluster. The usual audience of the course includes sales consultants, web administrators, Java EE Developers and J2EE Developers. In short, this training offers an overview of the administration activities that are carried out by WebLogic Server administrators. By passing exam 1Z0-102, you can also get the Oracle WebLogic Server 11g System Administrator Certificate.
  • Describe the architecture of WebLogic Server including domains, servers and machines.
  • Install, configure and use WebLogic Server.
  • Perform routine Oracle WebLogic Server administration functions.
  • Set up a cluster of servers and distribute applications and resources to the cluster.
  • Configure Oracle HTTP Server as the Web-tier front end for Oracle WebLogic Server instances and clusters.
  • Basic Knowledge of Linux Commands
  • Knowledge of Networking Concepts
  • Installation and Configuration of Java
  • Fees for this course is - $500.

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Course 3: Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration

OraGyan offers a course on Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration. After completing this course, students will be able to: manage domains and templates, configure a highly available messaging infrastructure, automate server migration and failover, utilize LDAP for authentication, and monitor servers using WLDF or SNMP. This course is best suited for: administrators, security administrators, support engineers, technical administrators, technical consultants, and web Administrators.

  • Comprehend Installation Management
  • Comprehend Domain Templates
  • Comprehend Other Domain Tools
  • Comprehend Advanced Network Configuration
  • Comprehend Multi Data Sources
  • Comprehend JDBC Performance Essentials
  • Comprehend JMS Message Management
  • Comprehend JMS Guaranteed Messaging
  • Comprehend JMS Performance Essentials
  • Comprehend JMS Store and Forward
  • Comprehend JMS Message Bridge
  • Comprehend Server Migration
  • Comprehend JMS Clustering
  • Comprehend Cross-Cluster Replication
  • Comprehend Authentication Providers
  • Comprehend Server Performance Essentials
  • Use GGSCI commands for gathering process evidence

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Basic TCP/IP networking knowledge of client/server concepts.
  • Knowledge of Basic Linux commands
  • Knowledge of Basic Java EE Concepts and Configuration
  • WebLogic Server 11g Administration Essentials
  • Fees for this course is - $1000.

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